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Who is Foundation mr. Rick?

Foundation Mr. Rick, a volunteer organization, creates bright spots for youth from underprivileged families in the Eindhoven region. They believe that every child deserves to play, learn, and grow, regardless of their background or financial situation. Children from affiliated primary schools gain access to a rich world of activities – from dancing and cooking to painting and making music – all for a small contribution. Together, we form a playful, creative space where children can discover their talents and forge friendships.

They proudly have already embraced 12 schools in this loving initiative. But they do not stop here; the goal is to bring all primary schools in the Eindhoven region under their wings and thereby make activities accessible to all children regardless of their background.

What sets them apart? Foundation Mr. Rick provides a total solution! With Foundation Mr. Rick, you get not just a platform, but a full, carefree experience. They brainstorm about activities, arrange the execution, organize registrations and payments, and ensure that everything is arranged from A to Z. When Foundation Mr. Rick comes along, an entire fair of fun comes with them, and they do not leave until everything is spic and span again!


The problem

From a humble start at the kitchen table to an inspiring movement that touches the hearts of children; Foundation Mr. Rick has walked an impressive path. As the story goes with many successful initiatives, the success of the foundation brought not only joy and expansion but also new challenges.

With a rapidly growing number of activities and registrations, an atmosphere of dynamic excitement arose, but at the same time, a growing administrative pressure. Administrative tasks around registration processes began to upset the balance, emphasizing the need for relief in this area.

The first steps towards alleviating this administrative pressure were taken with the implementation of WordPress. Although this platform facilitated registrations neatly, it proved to be a half-full solution. The information still had to be manually extracted from the system, payments required personal control and follow-up, and there was no overarching view of the journey Foundation Mr. Rick had made over the years.

The team dreamt of a solution that could not only automate the registration and payment process but also shed light on the analytical results of their initiatives since 2017. A solution that would allow them to use their resources more efficiently, focus their dedicated volunteers on the core activities of the foundation, and utilize their data to get even more schools onboard.

And so began the search for an integrated system; one that could guarantee seamless registrations and payments and at the same time offered valuable insights to continue to grow and touch even more children’s hearts. The goal? To enable the volunteers, the real heroes of this story, to focus on what they are best at: creating unforgettable, joyous experiences for the children, while technology takes care of the background tasks.

This is the continuously evolving story of Foundation Mr. Rick; a tale of growth, adaptation, and an unstoppable passion to enrich the lives of children from all walks of life.


Our solution

In the picturesque story of Foundation Mr. Rick, we find a fabric of community, care, and unforgettable experiences. But behind the scenes, we faced a technological challenge that cast a veil over our capacity to scale efficiently and effectively.

A Seamless Integration of Technologies

The solution came in the form of Salesforce, a tool that, once woven into the digital tapestry of our existing WordPress environment, catalyzed the registrations directly from website to system. Not only did we now receive registrations with ease, but we also gained a more intimate view of the children and parents behind them, a detailed overview of the participants per activity, and a clear view of the number of activities per affiliated school.


The results

Valuable Insights as Fuel for Growth

With Salesforce, an unexpected advantage arose: we gained access to insights about participants of children’s holiday weeks from schools not yet affiliated with Foundation Mr. Rick. This new source of data adorns our efforts in acquiring new schools, telling them: “Did you know that X children from your school need these affordable activities, based on their participation in children’s holiday weeks organized by Foundation Mr. Rick?”

360-Degree Customer View & Automated Efficiency

The implementation of Salesforce not only introduced an automated process but also a holistic, 360-degree view of our customers – the schools and the children. Generating participant lists at the press of a button and the massive time saving brought a tidal wave of efficiency. This not only relieved administrative burdens but also ensured that volunteers could be busy with what really matters: creating a smile on the faces of the participating children.

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