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About Resolve IT

Resolve IT is here to help you accelerate your digital transformation with Salesforce. We tackle complex challenges with tailored solutions, empowering your business to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.


“Our team is committed to sparking growth and innovation in your company.”

Here's what Resolve IT stands for:

Building on a strong foundation

The secret to using Salesforce successfully? A smart, robust integration within your organisation. Everything begins with a solid foundation. Once established, we can start to build, brick by brick, until your automation, workflows, and business processes are unshakeable. As an official partner, Resolve IT makes Salesforce work for you.

Flexible, fast, and transparent

This construction process is a team effort. Combining our Salesforce expertise with your intimate understanding of your organisation, we create the perfect solution for your business. Expect independent advice, a practical approach, and a fast, streamlined implementation. We pride ourselves on maximum flexibility in our operations, crystal-clear communication, and outstanding reachability, ensuring we’re always easy to contact. The interests of our clients, together with those of decision-makers and end-users, consistently guide our actions.

Driven by innovation

Resolve IT thrives on addressing the complex challenges of growing businesses. We draw constant inspiration from the market, our partners, and our colleagues. Our prime motivator is to provide our clients with the best, most creative, and innovative solutions. That’s why we continuously challenge each other to deliver nothing short of excellence every day. Each business is unique, so crafting the perfect solution is a distinctive puzzle for every organisation.

A collegial business partner

Our partnership doesn’t end with the implementation. The market is constantly evolving, and so is the impact of Salesforce. In this ever-changing environment, Resolve IT stands as a collegial business partner. We ensure your automation, workflow, and business processes are always up-to-date. With our comprehensive training, we guide our clients through everything they need to know about the system.

Our mission

At Resolve IT, our mission is to empower organisations to harness the transformative potential of Salesforce. We provide innovative, tailored solutions that align perfectly with our clients’ unique business needs, ensuring seamless integration and superior operational efficiency.

We believe in collaborative, long-term partnerships, built upon trust and open lines of communication. That means our commitment to our clients extends far beyond the initial implementation: we continuously work to ensure that our solutions effectively enhance our customers’ day-to-day operations. That’s how we make Salesforce work for you.

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Team Resolve IT

Rinse van Dorp

Managing Director

Rick Koevoets

Managing Partner

Gossé Gorissen

Functional Consultant

Imre Hamelink


Lisette de Gijsel


Han van Schaijk


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Yash Gujaran

Senior Developer

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Senior Developer
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