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Salesforce offers a game-changing solution for the manufacturing industry with Manufacturing Cloud: a platform tailored to tackling the unique challenges of manufacturers. It allows for a modern, digital supply chain by connecting production, sales and, planning. Manufacturing Cloud is the key to higher customer satisfaction and greater operational efficiency when implemented effectively.

As a leading Salesforce consultancy, Resolve IT can help your organisation unlock the full potential of Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud. From designing a tailor-made solution that matches your entire product lifecycle process to Field Service functionalities to help your mechanics on the road. You can count on Resolve IT to turn Salesforce into a strategic advantage.

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud shines in areas like:

Microsoft Teams, a collaborative communication platform developed by Microsoft Corporation, has become one of the most popular tools for remote and in-office work, owing to its numerous advantages.

Most popular are the Collaboration, Meeting and File Sharing Functionalities which come with the out of the box solution

Exact Online is a cloud-based ERP solution for small and medium-sized businesses. It helps manage finances, operations, and customer relationships in one place. With real-time insights and customizable reporting, it streamlines processes and supports business growth.

OneDrive and SharePoint integration enable smooth collaboration and file sharing within organizations, simplifying workflow transitions between personal and team-based file management. The streamlined system includes robust security measures for effective access control.

This integration provides an efficient solution for businesses to enhance productivity and manage content seamlessly.

SAP provides a wide range of enterprise software solutions, including ERP, customer relationship management, and supply chain management, assisting businesses in managing their operations, data, and resources effectively to enhance productivity and decision-making.


DocuSign is a digital platform that allows people to sign and manage documents online, making it easier to handle paperwork without needing physical copies or in-person signatures.


Google Drive is a cloud-based file storage and synchronization service provided by Google. It allows users to store files in the cloud, synchronize files across devices, and share files with others.

What can Salesforce do for you?

Improve customer relationships

Centralise customer data and interactions to provide more personalised service. Help your sales teams better understand customer needs, to improve satisfaction and loyalty.

Increase sales

Automate routine tasks to reduce manual errors and speed up the sales cycle. Help sales representatives prioritise and close deals faster with a unified view of leads, opportunities, and accounts.

Make data-driven decisions

Gain actionable insights from real-time analytics and reporting to make informed decisions. Use customisable dashboards to allow stakeholders to monitor KPIs and track performance against targets.

Achieve supply chain excellence

Connect sales with production and respond more efficiently to demand changes. Integrate with other tools and platforms to provide a comprehensive view of the supply chain, for improved inventory management and forecasting.

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