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Maximise customer lifetime value, lower costs, and accelerate innovation. These are the core promises of Salesforce Communications Cloud and Media Cloud. With industry-specific capabilities, such as complex product management and omni-channel services, Salesforce is an essential tool for media and communications organisations looking to lead the field with digital offerings.

Resolve IT is your partner in leveraging the power of Salesforce for your organisation. We thrive on making the complex simple as we build a tailored solution that meets your organisation’s goals and requirements. Offering extensive training and swift support, we will help you get marketing, sales and service teams on the same page to deliver smooth customer journeys and maximise ROI.

Salesforce shines in areas like:

Microsoft Teams, a collaborative communication platform developed by Microsoft Corporation, has become one of the most popular tools for remote and in-office work, owing to its numerous advantages.

Most popular are the Collaboration, Meeting and File Sharing Functionalities which come with the out of the box solution

ChatGPT is a sophisticated machine learning model developed by OpenAI, based on the GPT-4 architecture, designed to generate human-like responses in natural language conversations.

Aircall is a cloud-based phone system, allowing businesses to handle calls effectively with a user-friendly interface and integration options. It offers tools for managing calls and improving customer interactions efficiently.


OneDrive and SharePoint integration enable smooth collaboration and file sharing within organizations, simplifying workflow transitions between personal and team-based file management. The streamlined system includes robust security measures for effective access control.

This integration provides an efficient solution for businesses to enhance productivity and manage content seamlessly.

Exact Online is a cloud-based ERP solution for small and medium-sized businesses. It helps manage finances, operations, and customer relationships in one place. With real-time insights and customizable reporting, it streamlines processes and supports business growth.

DocuSign is a digital platform that allows people to sign and manage documents online, making it easier to handle paperwork without needing physical copies or in-person signatures.


What can Salesforce do for you?

Personalise customer experiences

Centralise user preferences, behaviours, and interaction history to tailor content and advertising. Create more targeted marketing campaigns that boost viewer or reader engagement and loyalty.

Unify ad sales and management

Streamline the ad sales process by integrating inventory, pricing, and client interactions in one unified platform. Get real-time analytics on ad performance and help sales teams to optimise placements and maximise revenue.

Unlock real-time analytics and insights

Gain a deep understanding of audience behaviour, content performance, and campaign effectiveness. Optimise content production and distribution based on audience feedback.

Facilitate collaborative content creation

Enable seamless collaboration among content creators, editors, producers, and other stakeholders. Provide tools for task assignment, approval workflows, and feedback to ensure efficient content production and distribution.

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